Tights redefining nude

Brun et Noir Hosiery caters to 'women of colour' by delivering a product that compliments the different shades of brown and makes the colour 'nude' an inclusive concept for darker skin tones. Our tights add a touch of elegance and sophistication by being an essential accessory for any occasion, day or night that we are sure you won’t be able to do without.

The idea of ‘perfect’ skin shade tights for women of colour had lingered in my mind for quite some time. The frustration of finding no ‘match’, prompted me to investigate what I believed to be a gap in the market. After establishing I wasn’t alone in my need for such a product, in late December 2010 the concept of Brun et Noir Hosiery was born.

I wanted to develop something that was inclusive of the Asian, African, Caribbean and mixed race woman. Seeing as our skin shades are varying shades of ‘brown’, it wasn’t going to be a small task. After two years of trialling shades and textures, my team and I have finally created a product we are proud of, a product I know truly reflects the Brun et Noir woman.

Who is this Brun et Noir woman? She is a woman who understands good quality and values comfort whilst never losing sight of the finer details of her ‘ensemble’. She is drawn to products that exude an air of sophistication and class that every woman should rightfully experience.

I believe this product provides just that. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Buki Anthony